Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mind boggling

salam!! a'laikum!! peace be upon you!

weeeeee~~. it has been awhile, i know.

yes! yes! i have nothing to say, just have a lot of things in my mind. hurmm. a lot. yes a lot.

a lot. yep. a lot. but nothing serious. but of course it is important for me.

but it's okay, i can do it! i can! i can! weeeee~~~ ^__________^

can i? can i? i must do my best. am i doing my best? am i? hurm. i must! i must!

heeee. all the best! fail to plan means plan to fail. i must not fail to plan! go go jiayok! heee.

goodnight. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

feeling irritated?

oh yeah. this is what i'm going to talk about.

frustration and irritation.

towards who?

your friends? your acquaintance? others? or rather, yourself?

face it people, your ill feelings always come from yourself not others.

stop saying that you are annoyed by your surroundings.

the top most problem is actually you, yourself.

don't blame other people for your failure,

you will gain nothing from it, simply, nil.


oh wait, not really nothing, you will just attracts more and more hatred into your life.

hence, lets end this by embracing yourself, think, and let your mind and your heart be at peace,

get yourself closer to God, do whatever it takes, simple stuff will do, you don't have to change in a sec, just take one step at a time,

every night, before you go to sleep, think all the good and the bad things you have contributed during the day,

and try your best to live better on the next day, if you are still breathing.

so, don't waste your energy on doing things that you might regret, stay focus so that you won't feel remorseful of the past.

however, mistakes can be forgiven, as we are only human.

so, that's it for today, may your life be blessed. ameen.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How long has it been?

peace be upon you.......


miss blogging!!! (not really.....[-__-'''])

And so, yeah~. life is cool.

Its been awhile since i post anything on this blog.

I felt like posting something.

But do not really have anything in mind.

Sometimes I just wondered how people has a lot of stuffs to share in the internet,

while i'm having a hard time thingking of what to share here,

(did not even put any effort actually.....) (=.=)

Its alreally late, i'm just posting random stuff.

So, yeah..... bye2. Good Night people~ peace be upon you guys~

...The End...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


hi people, today i just want to say..........



erm. yeah kind of.

r u ready?
r u kidding me?!

started study?


so, when r u going to study?
errrrkkkkk.... no idea......

so, all the best.
yeah, thank you. (--.''')

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

do not sleep late.

i just want to share this with you guys: DO NOT SLEEP LATE!
one thing for sure it is not good for your health.
you will end up waking up late. uh uh. not good.
if u have class the next morning u will lose focus.
doing this continuously can cause heart attack and stroke.

last night i stayed up until almost 5 in the morning, and today i caught myself a flu.
sore throat. urggHhh! and last night my heart beat was a bit abnormal and it's kind of painful.
so. this is a reminder for everybody.
do not sleep late at night nor sleeping in the day not at night can also cause several hormones problem.

Monday, June 21, 2010


i'm going to make some changes in the content for my blog from now on.
i hope this is for the best.
i'll do my best to show a good example of a muslimah.
most of the thing i've been sharing in this blog is not important.
i'll do my best. so please look foward to it.

important step into being a better person. InsyAllah.

Friday, April 2, 2010


i was so excited and anxious to know ichimaru's bankai.
y did it suddenly stop at that??!!! ARGH!
even though i'm slightly feeling frustrated about it but i just love how the mangaka arrange it to become so triggering.
ha~~. i like. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!